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The difference between natural, pesticide-free cannabis and regular cannabis product

As strong, independent women living in an era where our health knowledge is at its peak, we’ve done a pretty good job at keeping our bodies physically fit with exercises like yoga and Pilates, watching our food consumption (buying organic, going vegan or flipping the gluten switch), as well as indulging in extracurricular activities like extreme hiking and detoxifying health & wellness retreats. All of these things are meant to renew and rejuvenate our minds, bodies and spirits, right? We vet out our gyms programs, fruits and veggies like top-notch health gurus, why not vet out our medicinal cannabis intake as well? Are the natural ingredients you regularly purchase as important as the cannabis flower or by-product you swear by for your health needs?

Think of it this way: Hold your cannabis quality at the same high standard as when you decide to splurge on that Whole Foods free-range chicken vs. the local grocery “special,” regardless if it’s double the price; your body will thank you for it.

In reality, the main difference between natural cannabis and regular cannabis is how it’s grown; whether it’s cultivated or uncultivated can tell you a lot about what you are consuming. And with the world’s sucky traditional farming techniques still in place, the use of pesticides and damaging fertilizers are not just used on your potential produce, they are used to speed up cannabis growth as well for a greater turnover profit.

Are you more of a flower or a concentrate kinda lady? Regardless, we all want to be sure that we’re shopping with a company that demonstrates not only honesty in their products, but an overall proven ability to provide high-quality, natural cannabis and its by-products to keep us coming back for more. Because it always makes us feel 100% more secure knowing that we are purchasing products that are pesticide-free, am I right?

Take a gander at The Way and how they work: With a top-tier staff of cannabis experts to guide you along the way, a wide variety of superb cannabis product, easy checkout and delivery, it’s really the little things that add up to make you feel more comfortable and assured that this is the right place to be! I don’t know, if you’re maybe looking for a pretty cool and easy experience where you can complete the trifecta that is healthy eats, healthy exercise, and healthy medicine, I’d say The Way is “the way” to go (pun intended).

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