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The Way Cannabis Products: Natural, high quality, pesticide free and brought to market with you (women) in mind

Catering to the wellness of women, The Way is designed to provide high quality cannabis and its by-products for medicinal use with a luxurious edge. Recent studies have shown a huge shift in prescription drug use, now being substituted with medicinal cannabis, which will hopefully reduce problematic prescription drug use. This means, ladies, good news for our health, while switching to a more natural option will offer similar healing attributes.

Among other great qualities, The Way is working on the trifecta of making your shopping experience easy, discreet and truly enjoyable. Their exceptional customer service includes amazingly well educated representatives to help with choosing just the right product for you, not to mention the wide variety of high-end products in stock. This company stays up to date with your wants, while specifically catering to each individual part of your day-to-day life as needed.

With a primary focus of enhancing the lifestyle, mind, body and soul of women, The Way features several products that are geared towards the female gender exclusively, as well as to those she loves, which we know is important to the whole aspect of woman. These products will aid in your relaxation, home, or on-the-go ambiance, health and wellness, when paired correctly, and consistently with your current lifestyle:

Whoopi & Maya Soak Epsom Salt Bath – equipped with the natural healing power and detoxifying properties of Epsom salt, this bath soak, infused with cannabis and therapeutic essential oils, is something to enjoy and appreciate after a long day at work, post strenuous workout, or a casual afternoon relaxation session to get away and rejuvenate.

Marley Natural Crystal Ashtray – The Way has made sure that all of their products are top notch in material. Exhibit A: this awesome crystal ashtray made with sustainably sourced black walnut. For starters, this product is elegant and will easily spruce up your living space with this on the table, but also comes with a small metal poker to remove buildup and a felt lining so it’s safe on your precious furniture.

Cannabis Liquid Beverage Enhancers – Available in both natural and cherry blackberry flavor, The Way’s beverage enhancers are super legit. Pour one drop, or several into your drink (dosage is up to you) and your drink instantly hits next level stress reliever (not to mention deliciousness)! It’s a discreet beverage on the go, with a subtle aftertaste of cannabis that’s totally doable.

Badwood g Pen Elite – Coming to you from Grenco Science, this g Pen is obviously perfectly sized to fit in your purse, clutch or pocket, so you can vape wherever you go. Even better, it’s an entire package including a vanity box, customized clutch, compact mirror and bottle opener (because you never know when you’ll need a bottle opener). With this product, The Way presents you with something better than your average Swiss Army knife (for women).

Really curating high-quality cannabis and its by-products, The Way has women’s health & wellness in mind at all times, and it’s evident from the products they feature on a regular basis. Keep up with what they have in stock now, and head back shortly for new items added, with you in mind.

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