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Knowledge is power; always remember that ladies. As we continue to grow into ourselves and learn of the things we enjoy out of life, it’s important to have all the facts. An important aspect of the consumption of natural medicinal cannabis is determining the specifics of what works best for you. While some are more keen to inhaling flowers, others enjoy the edible aspect of medicinal cannabis. Some like topical application while others prefer oils. What to know now is that with each different way you consume medicinal cannabis, there are two main ingredients included: THC and CBD. But, what’s the difference?

This is an age old question that is sometimes overlooked, but really a good bit of information to aid in your overall selection process. I mean, we do want to make sure we are picking the correct products that will best aid to our specific needs, right?

While both of these ingredients are said to be the main components in a plant, it seems that THC may be the more “popular” one on the market right now for it’s immediate effects, however, CBD is slowly making a comeback for its unique features as well. The most prominent difference between THC and CBD is that CBD cannot get you high (non-psychoactive).

For recreational users, this is a bummer, but for medicinal users, the minimal “best known” side effects of consuming cannabis is something that has drawn them more towards the use of CBD over THC (specifically with children). Strains that are high in CBD are less likely to make you sleepy, paranoid or anxious. It’s seen in the medicinal world as straightforward to help reduce the effects of certain conditions like PTSD, Crohn’s Disease and Multiple Sclerosis (take a look at these different strains where CBD is prominent).

And there you have your beginners cannabis lesson! The more you know, the better off you are. And when you know better, you’ll do better (AKA choosing the right high quality, pesticide free strain for you, featured exclusively at The Way). Take advantage of this new knowledge when sifting through the online store (don’t forget, sharing is caring, so tell a friend!)

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