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Women’s Wellness and Cannabis

Part of today’s current hype of self-care is the extreme attention to detail of our natural and daily wellness routines. Some prioritize hitting the gym 3-4 times a week, while others re-evaluate their dietary habits, participate in frequent meditation, or simply go rouge and dedicate one day a week to yourself in the form of mani/pedis, self-reflection, or a long bubble bath to relax tensions. In the midst of these purposeful actions that we have adopted most recently, adding regulated medicinal cannabis into the equation is like icing on the cake.

With numerous proven studies, it’s no secret that medicinal cannabis is becoming one of the most sought out natural remedies, equipped with all the power to help those suffering from anxiety, insomnia, inflammation, chronic pain and just plain ole’ sore muscles (please see our Soothen Wellness Crème and Relieving Crème to aid in your recovery). The discussion that has sparked interest as of yet, is the idea of adding medicinal cannabis into the equation, a form of self-care that many do not speak about publically, but inquiring minds are eager to know, “how does the intake of medicinal cannabis affect a woman’s sexual health?”

According to Care2, women’s sexual health is undervalued and we need to do something about it. The amount of women who struggle with the lower half of their body and how to either ease pain (throughout your menstrual cycle) or gain more pleasure (in bed), is alarming and should very well be addressed so that we can see some results, remedies and hear success stories.

Luckily for all of you, this is again, where The Way comes in like a super hero and saves lives. Besides the fact that about sixty percent of Americans are pro medicinal cannabis, women are totally taking over the cannabis industry (see Ellementa) in a way that is more targeted (specific to the female gender, because why not?). We are thriving in 2017, prioritizing ourselves, and deliberately putting our sexual health first.
Whoopi & Maya Relax – ideally to be used during your time of the month, this THC infused tincture is made with elderberries (known to enhance the immune system) and passionflower, which calms nerves. Together, these herbs fight cramps and make your special monthly visit a more endurable one with just a drop or two in your beverage.

Foria Pleasure – this THC enhanced oil is meant to be applied just before things get hot and heavy and was developed to help relaxation before intercourse, while at the same time stimulating blood flow; it’s like a pre-lube and is said to help women reach climax (in some cases, multiple times). So, if you normally have a bad taste in your mouth as it relates to intercourse, whether that be from pain or anxiety, this product could very well be your savior to help you enjoy this physical activity.

Apothecanna Sexy Time – Apothecanna recently came out with their new “Sexy Time” product, designed to help arouse feeling and increase blood flow – perfect for when you need a little ick-me-up with your partner. Apply on parts where needed 15 minutes prior, and thank Apothecanna for this gift to your lady parts.

As women, we have to stick together and help each other when we’re in need. The Way is a trusted company that truly has women in mind when it comes to the types of products they sell, all natural and pesticide-free! Keep in mind that new products are added on a regular basis, so believe the hype and stick around for a bit as we explore new depths together and continue to thrive.

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