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Foria – Explore Suppositories (Single) 30mg THC / 20mg CBD


Discover new depths of pleasure with FORIA EXPLORE, the first cannabis suppository formulated for all-natural sensual enhancement and comfort during anal play.

FORIA Explore delivers THC and CBD directly to the pelvic region, helping to induce relaxation and enhance pleasure, all without the psychoactive effects traditionally associated with cannabis.1

 User Reported Benefits Include:

  • Pelvic Relaxation
  • Diminished Discomfort
  • Heightened Pleasure
  • Release of Tension Deeper Penetration

Each suppository contains 30mg of THC and 20mg of CBD



Jojoba Extract, Purified THC, CBD from USDA Certified Organically-Grown Hemp, Organic Sunflower Lecithin

We chose Jojoba extract for its tremendous range of benefits:

  • All-natural
  • Soothing & moisturizing
  • Latex-compatible*

*While the FDA has approved jojoba for use in latex-compatible lubricants that are currently on the market (Pjur Backdoor, Simply Slick), FORIA Explore has not yet been reviewed by the FDA due to current laws. In intimate situations that require the utmost safety measures we recommend using non-latex condoms while using FORIA Explore. 4,5

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Science & Cannabis

FORIA Explore harnesses the power of THC and CBD, the two primary compounds responsible for the beneficial effects of cannabis. THC modulates nerve firing, helping to diminish pain while allowing more pleasant signals to reach the brain.1 CBD slows down electrical signalling to muscles, allowing them to relax while also helping to soothe inflammation.3

When delivered rectally via these specially-formulated suppositories, THC & CBD activate cannabinoid receptors throughout the pelvis, with minimal effect on the brain, so you can experience muscle-relaxation and enhanced pleasure without the strong psychoactive effect traditionally associated with cannabis.1,2

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3. Pharmaceutical composition made up of cannabis extracts US 20080057117 A1. A pharmacologically active composition which is suitable for use in palliative cancer therapy and as an agent having a muscle-relaxing and/or analgesic effect in neurological diseases. Michael Werner, Gerhard Schaller, Christoph Jaggy.

4. Personal-lubricating material and method for lubricant manufacture US 20150258009 A1

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Our cannabis oil is extracted using leading-edge solvent- free pharmaceutical grade processes that provide extracts in their purest possible form.  To ensure the cleanest and safest final product possible we test FORIA at multiple stages through. We test for potency, pesticides, residual solvents and microbials. Finally, FORIA undergoes a “hot-fill” bottling process that allows us to produce a microbial-free product without the use of artificial preservatives.