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PAX Era Pod (Cannatonic CBD)

Whole-plant CBD blend oil (17:1 ratio of CBD to THC) offers therapeutic benefits minus the mind-bending head high. Contains 80% total Cannabinoids.


Smells earthy, tastes woody, and keeps you rooted. Low in THC for minimum psychoactive effects. A high-CBD concentrate for daytime riders. Era Pod oils from Jetty Extracts start with the best cannabis in California. The whole plant, and all its terpenes, are sourced to create every hand-crafted batch. That quality and purity, paired with PAX technology, is the “art” in smart cannabis vaping. Click the Era Pod into the PAX Era device and take control of your vaping experience. LED lights confirm battery life, 25% charge per colored petal. The sleek design has no on/off button. Bluetooth connectivity, accelerometer hardware and lockout settings (for children and homies) let you modify everything from your smartphone. To ensure an unforgettable vaping session, we laser-engrave the strain name on every Era Pod. Single-sourced, limited-edition strains; each cartridge contains 500 mg of small-batch tested, ultra-refined cannabis oil for use with PAX Era devices. For more flavor and less vapor, turn down the heat (or vice versa). Adjust the temperature in 1° increments between 520° and 790°.Jetty Extracts Era Pods are available in limited-release varieties of indica, sativa, hybrid, and high-CBD blends.

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Since 2013, the mission of Jetty Extracts has been defined by its variety: the care and craft we put into sourcing materials, implementing superior extraction methods, and statewide distribution. We are obsessed with perfection—working within the law, never cutting corners, never compromising our values. As a result, we make the finest, hand-crafted cannabis products, always free of pesticides, chemicals, and fillers.