Jetty Extracts DABLICATOR – DO-SI-DOS – 0.5G


California 2013: the early days of extracts. Jetty is obsessed over everything to build this company right. Including surfing.

We’ve been leading the way ever since, from growing to extraction to distribution. We are obsessed with perfection—working within the law, never cutting corners, never compromising our products or our values.

Above all, we make the finest, carefully crafted products, free of pesticides, chemicals and fillers, all from right here in California.

Because we believe that cannabis elevates our experiences. It’s good times enhanced… hanging with friends, surfing, enjoying an active, creative lifestyle. It also means caring and relief in so many ways, giving back as much as we can.

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Each batch contains 86% total Cannabinoids and tests for 86% THC.

Do-Si-Dos is a heavy-hitter indica sourced from the Santa Cruz Mountains. The Dablicator™ ensures a clean, controlled dose when dispensing out the metal tip. 500mg wax concentrate (a little thicker than the oil in our cartridges) is made with the strain’s own natural terpenes.

Why We Made the Dablicator™

Whether you’re super conservative or more liberal in terms of dosage, everyone has their own idea of what’s appropriate and necessary. There are a million ways to get your greens these days.

But it can be confusing. (Who would have thought medicating could potentially involve a torch or electronic nail?) So we created the Dablicator™ to make medicating on-the-go easier, cleaner and more discreet. Not only has it met the needs of a truly diverse and discerning crowd of cannabis concentrates aficionados – it’s become the gold standard in direct dabbing apparatuses.

Forget messy syringes. Take waste out of the equation too. The Dablicator™ ensures that 1 ml of product is dispensed completely and cleanly. Simply twist and apply the desired amount of medicine directly from the metal tip onto your glass piece or vaporizer pen.If you’re into eating, the Dablicator™ is handy around the kitchen too. It’s guaranteed to take cooking to new heights.

Our latest 2.0 version can be filled with any high-quality oil, liquid or wax.