Jetty Extracts – Sativa Gold Cartridge (500mg)



If potency is what you’re after then you just struck Gold. Three stages of refinement go into producing our flagship product. Jetty Extracts Gold is a distilled, solvent-free oil, often testing greater than 80% THC. Inside our one-of-a-kind glass tank with wood tip cartridge, isn’t it beautiful?

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Concentrates are oils and waxes extracted from the Cannabis plant.  Cannabis oil is often sold in pre-filled cartridges to be screwed onto a push button battery and vaporized. Medicinal benefits are greater using a vaporizer over smoking a joint, because vaping warms the flower just enough to activate and release the medicine (cannabinoids) into a vapor without combustion.  Also concentrates tend to have a higher THC/CBD and terpene content than flower. The scent is milder without the smoke resulting from burning plant matter. Concentrates are also infused into butters and oils to make edible and topical products.

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Strain Type

Sativa, Indica, Hybrid