Safflower oil infused with organic cannabis cannabinoids

Use for (Symptoms)

Alzheimer’s, Dementia, neuropathic disorders, Parkinson’s, epilepsy

Treatment Protocol

Shake well. Since this is a Micro Dose, if you don’t see beneficial effects, titrate up. Always stay at a dose for at least 3 days. GI issues/allergies: 2-4 pumps three times a day (am/pm/bedtime); Chronic pain: 2-4 pumps four times a day (am/noon/pm/bedtime); Sleep: 2 to 5 pumps at bed; maybe some in middle of night

Starting Dosage

2 to 4 pumps in the morning + 2 to 4 pumps in the evening. At first, you may need to take an additional 2-4 pumps in the mid-afternoon and/or at bedtime. It is okay to experiment to find what works best for you. Maximum suggested daily dose is 16 pumps.

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Product Info

25:1 CBD:THC ratio

Boosted CBD and CBD-A formula for neuropathic disorders, Parkinson’s, epilepsy.

Nternal Neuro sublingual provides a low-dose, whole-plant, full spectrum cannabinoid profile. Nternal Neuro maintains all of the cannabinoids in the plant, which results in a therapeutic remedy that is as close to juicing as a sublingual can be, infused in mild-tasting safflower oil. Nternal Neuro is non-psychoactive, natural, fast-acting, and helps the body’s ability to regulate homeostasis and promotes overall well being.

Approximately 120 single pumps per bottle