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Pax Era – Premium Vaporizer


The effortless pen-and-pod system for oil. Control temperature, flavor and potency, and achieve session predictability. Experience a new era.

Use the PAX Mobile app to customize your sessions and design the experience you’re looking for..
  • Set preferences for potency and flavor with Session Control™
  • Adjust temperature down to precise degrees
  • Receive automatic firmware updates to keep your device up to date
Era pods beat the competition: SimpleClick™ pods and quality extract partners deliver solid experiences.
  • 250+ strains & 50+ extract partners means there is a pod for you
  • Dual-wicks absorb from both sides so material isn’t wasted
  • Leak resistant and clog free
  • High intensity pods also available

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MATERIAL: Concentrate
FINISH: Bead-blasted Anodized Aluminum
HEAT TIME: Instant
CHARGE TIME: 45 minutes +
DIMENSIONS: 3.3″h x .72″w x .40″d